Find Maryland Blue Crabs

The Amazing Maryland Crab Cakes

Crab cakes are these delicious cakes made of meat, eggs, mayo, crumbs, other ingredients like yellow onions and many others. They are often prepared by smart chefs and served as desserts or appetizers. Some people may take it with sauce, ketchup, mustard, tartar sauce etc. This crab cake originated in Chesapeake Bay, maryland crab, the city of Baltimore. It has become the best dish for most parts of the world with people ordering it even from far. Most chefs have learn to bake it and they can now serve the best of this crab cake.

There used to be two best designs of the crab cake. The Boardwalk that is prepared breaded and deep- fried then served on a hamburger bun. The gourmet crab cakes that are made of all- lump crab meat and served on any filler. These are the crab cakes that are normally shown in TV and movies served in top restaurants. They come in varied sizes, ranging from a small cookie- size to huge hamburger- size. The top-secret ingredients used are the Ritz or butter crackers.


There are a lot of things that make crab cakes the most amazing and perfect. The crab meat, mixed with crab fats and mustard makes up the large part of the cake. Chefs should avoid adding too many binders into it. The blue crabs are the best choice of crabs to be used though any can be good too. Some smoked crab cakes can be prepared using smoked fruit wood to add smoke taste to it.


The mention of crab cakes make is unique on its own. For not all people can make crabs for the mention of crab cakes, most people will not even think of it as anything meaningful. It is so uncommon for many to make crab cakes. Telling them about the ingredients like crab meat, onions, pepper, breadcrumbs etc. will make it even seem a bad idea. These ingredients can't mix so well in their heads. They will rather go for other food that they will take as more delicious. See homepage!


The reality is, if they can just taste a little of it, they won't leave the restaurant until they have had enough of the delicious crab cake. You probably have taken a lot of cakes in your life and this will be outstandingly amazing. You will ask for more and more. The best will be on a smart or silent occasion. Take a crab cake and a 12-year-old bottle of wine, a favorite music on a porch and you will be at the peak of a perfect life. Get more facts about seafood at